Alex Walkinshaw: ‘Fletch sleeps over at Tess’s!’

Alex Walkinshaw talks about his character, married nurse Fletch’s fling with his boss in Saturday’s Casualty on BBC1..

After months of smoldering sexual tension, Senior Nurse Manager Tess and her colleague Fletch finally give in to their passion this week. How does it happen?
“Tess gets caught up in a street stabbing while she’s out jogging and the incident winds up in ED where she’s verbally abused. The trouble escalates and someone follows Tess home, where she’s physically threatened. Fortunately Fletch cottons on and goes to her house. Afterwards, Tess is scared and emotional and Fletch is there to hold her hand. They recognise they have strong feelings for each other.”

They’ve already shared some passionate kisses, does it go further this time?
“Yes, they have a sleep-over! It’s taken them a while to get to this point. Their relationship began with a genuine friendship so it feels like an honest, slow-burning development – the story just make sense.”

What do you think the attraction is between Tess and Fletch?
“They bring out the good things in each other, there’s a lot of respect between them. Tess has authority at the hospital, she runs the ship. Fletch’s strength is that he brings out the relaxed, easy-going side of her.”

Fletch is a married man with children. Will we learn more about his home life?
“Absolutely, and I think it’s important so you can judge his relationship with both Tess and his wife and get a clearer picture of the triangle. Fletch is very much a family man, his relationship with his children is loving and happy and he would hate to lose them. He cares for his wife, too, but their relationship is changing.”

What more can we expect from this explosive storyline?
“This is just the start! There’s going to be a lot of pain and struggle for Fletch and Tess.”

Do you and Suzanne Packer, who plays Tess, discuss these issues in advance? It must be strange to come to work and kiss a colleague!
“Yes it’s an odd thing to do! Suzanne and I are great friends so we’ll often chat about a scene beforehand. It’s one of those strange things you have to do an actor. I can’t imagine doing an office job and walking around kissing other workers!”


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