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Amanda Mealing: ‘The Casualty one-shot episode is amazing’ (VIDEO)

Actress Amanda Mealing spoke to What's on TV about how Casualty is finishing its 30th anniversary year with an amazing one-take episode

Casualty star Amanda Mealing is excited about the ambitious final episode in the current series – an episode which is filmed in one continuous take.

Amanda, who plays ice cold consultant Connie Beauchamp, spoke to What’s on TV about Casualty’s big year: “It’s amazing… 30th anniversary, NTAs (win), Bafta nomination, you know, and it’s still going strong. We’ve just shot the end of series episode all in one shot, it’s amazing – even for a regular episode it’s good, the fact it’s done in one shot is amazing.”

It’s the first time an entire episode of a British drama has been filmed this way.

How does it play out? “Connie does her regular thing, you know, she’s grumpy… The idea is to exemplify everyone’s characters in their regular day. It’s supposed to be, in some ways, a love letter to the NHS. You know, how dramatic and amazing it can be.”

Casualty won best drama at the National Television Awards in January, but lost to Emmerdale in the best continuing drama category at the Baftas on Sunday.


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