Amanda Mealing: ‘Connie always makes an entrance!’

Casualty spoilers and first-look pictures. 5 things you need to know about Connie Beauchamp’s Casualty return…

There’s nothing like making an entrance and ED clinical lead Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) does just that when she returns to rule Holby’s accident and emergency ward this week.

“Connie always makes an entrance! She doesn’t come in the back door,” Casualty star Amanda Mealing tells What’s on TV. “On her return she wants to prove herself to everyone, but more importantly she wants to prove herself to herself. This instantly brings her into conflict with everyone else!”

All hail, Connie queen of Casualty has returned!

Here’s everything you need to know about Connie’s return…

Connie is in remission

Connie has been through hell fighting a near-fatal cancer

Connie has been on a lengthy leave of absence due to a near-fatal cancer diagnosis. Thankfully now Connie appears to have made a full recovery and is ready to rule the ED with her trademark steely focus. But is it too soon?

Connie’s colleagues are shocked to see her

Rash soon comes on Connie’s radar

Her reappearance to Holby ED is greeted with shock, as Connie’s back at work earlier than expected due to Ethan Hardy quitting the role of acting clinical lead last week.

No time for pleasantries. Lives are on the line

Connie takes over Elle’s Resus patient

Heads turn when Connie strides back into the hospital. She immediately makes her presence felt by dispensing with basic pleasantries (such as ‘hello’) and barking orders! Before Connie’s reclaimed her parking space she’s elbow deep in a serious case in Resus, battling to save a patient’s life…

Secret plans

Charlie clocks that Connie is taking inventories and guesses she is making secret plans for the ED… When Charlie confronts Connie, she reveals her ambitious vision – she wants to open a trauma theatre in the ED and expects his backing. But will Charlie support her?

Connie viciously criticises Ethan

Ethan Hardy feels the full force of Connie’s return

Connie’s scathing at how inefficiently the ED’s been run by inexperienced Ethan in her absence. Unfortunately her timing is terrible. Who will be brave enough to tell her it’s the one-year anniversary of Cal’s death?

Welcome back Connie… You’ve been missed!

Catch Amanda Mealing on Casualty as Connie Beauchamp on Saturday 5 May at 9.15pm on BBC1. Keep an eye out for our full interview with Amanda Mealing later this week.

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