Amanda Mealing plans to live tweet during her debut on Casualty

Amanda Mealing has revealed she’s feeling nervous and excited as her Holby character Connie Beauchamp makes her debut in Casualty, and intends to live tweet during the show on Saturday.

“BBC One are running a special, week-long, promo for Connie’s return,” said Amanda. “I’m really nervous about how she’ll be received, I know fans of Holby City and Casualty have high expectations. I just hope I please rather that disappoint! But I won’t know until it airs on the 29th of March. It’s nerve-wracking!”

Amanda, who played Connie for over six years on Casualty’s BBC1 sister show Holby City from 2004 to 2010, also explained her hesitation at watching her debut: “I’ve seen little bits of it, but think I’ll be too nervous to watch it. I’ll wait for my auntie Doris to call me up and tell me whether it’s any good. She’s my barometer!”

What’s on TV has already seen the episode and think, not only should she watch it, but she should also get online and tweet during it.

Amanda said: “That’s a great idea! I hadn’t thought about it, but now you’ve said it I think I might tweet during it. I tweet all the time – I love it!”

Watch Connie ruffle feathers in Casualty on Saturday, March 29 on BBC1.


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