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‘We look after each other.’ Amanda Mealing pays tribute to cast of NTAs award winners Casualty (VIDEO)

Amanda Mealing believes the tight bond the cast and crew of Casualty has contributes to its enduring success, capped on Wednesday with a National TV Award

Amanda Mealing, star of BBC1’s Casualty, says the cast and crew of the medical drama are a really close unit.

Amanda plays icy senior consultant Connie Beauchamp in Casualty, which was named Best Drama at the 2017 National TV Awards.

She told What’s on TV on the red carpet: “We’re a very close unit because I think most of us are working away from home and also on a long-running drama or project you need to rely on your fellow cast members. You know, you won’t always have the energy to see yourself through the day so we’re very close. We look after each other.”

Asked about her the online grief her on-screen rival Jaye Griffiths (Elle Gardner) gets from some fans, Amanda said: “Connie has very very very loyal fans, yes, they are really quote verbose when it comes to Elle and her conflict with Connie. But Jaye and I are really good friends. It’s usually the way, best of enemies on screen are best of friends off screen. But she takes it in really good heart.”

She hinted the recent softer side of Connie witnessed during daughter Grace’s health problems won’t last. “There’s always strife in her life and there’s always a fight somewhere, so we’re bringing back, let’s just say the female dog Connie!”


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