TV Times talks to original cast members Brenda Fricker (Megan) and Derek Thompson (Charlie) on reuniting for a moving euthanasia storyline in Casualty on Saturday, August 7…

How has it been working together again?
Derek: “We’ve had so much fun doing this, like we always used to. Back then we didn’t know what Casualty was going to look, sound or feel like. There was great excitement that went with that. We just gave it our best shot everyday.”

Were you excited when you found out about the storyline?
Derek: “Yes. This is quite different from anything we’ve done before. It’s the opportunity Brenda and I have been waiting 20 years for – the chance to work together on a really meaty storyline between the two of us. We always enjoyed working together, but I don’t think we ever got the same buzz as we did out of this. It really was an early Christmas present.”
Brenda: “Yes it has been a real pleasure to come back and do these particular episodes. The storyline is very moving and it’s been beautifully written and brilliantly directed. It’s been like a dream.”

Have you kept in touch while Brenda has been in America?
Brenda: “Yes we have made plenty of phone calls over the years, but I think we’ll keep in touch a lot more after this experience. He’s one of the 10 best actors in the world. Sometimes I think he’s not used enough on Casualty, but he has an awful lot of acting in this episode and he doesn’t let you down. I’d walk on broken glass to work with him.”
Derek: “Top 10? She’s demoted me! I used to be top five! Seriously, if Brenda didn’t do most of her work in the United States she’d be a name you’d hear much more in this country alongside the likes of Eileen Atkins and Judi Dench. I feel that Britain has missed out on Brenda Fricker and I wish that she’d done a lot more over here so that I could crow about the fact that she’s my mate!”