It’s an inferno! Video preview reveals horror in Casualty’s 30th anniversary episode

A trailer has revealed that Casualty’s 30th anniversary, feature-length episode will see key characters' lives put in danger, including Charlie's

In Casualty’s 30th anniversary, feature-length episode, the future looks dark for nurse Charlie Fairhead as he celebrates 30 years on the job.

Fellow nurse Robyn Miller (Amanda Henderson) presents Charlie with a special cake, and as his colleagues cheer and applaud, lights flicker. Then there’s there’s a loud roar. Then the emergency department is engulfed by an inferno.

casualty 30th inferno

Can anyone survive the inferno that engulfs the emergency department?


“On the happiest day, their darkest hour,” says the video.

Charlie’s party is over and it does look like it will be a very black day for everyone, including Charlie.

The episode, called “Too Old For This Shift”, will feature scenes that will hit “the very heart of the hospital” as key characters will be put in danger, executive producer Oliver Kent has revealed. “It will make the audience gasp, laugh and cry buckets.

“There will be plenty of surprises for the audience, including some old faces that they won’t have seen for a while. Best of all, it has the incredible Charlie Fairhead centre stage.”

But will Charlie survive his big role in the tragedy that unfolds?

Casualty 30th

An inferno rips through the A&E and tears lives apart, including Charlie’s


The BBC show is the longest-running emergency medical drama in the world.

Derek Thompson, who plays mainstay Charlie, is also celebrating 30 years on the show, having been a cast member since it began.

“From day one of filming Casualty in 1986, I’ve been so proud of its true-to-life storytelling, representing everything the NHS stands for,” Derek says.

Casualty 30th

It’s not just Charlie’s anniversary cake that will lay in pieces after the tragedy unfolds


“I’ve been a part of a few anniversaries over the years, but this really feels like a significant moment in British television history.”

Alongside Charlie will be Holby’s cardiothoracic consultant Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel), CEO Henrik Hanssen (Guy Henry), reception manager Noel Garcia (Tony Marshall) and Adrian “Fletch” Fletcher (Alex Walkinshaw), who will all play key roles in the explosive episode.

The storyline will also see a crossover with sister show Holby City.

The special episode will air when Casualty returns to BBC1 after the Olympics, on Saturday, August 27.