Casualty RETURNS this Saturday – here’s what to expect!

What's Ciara been up to?

Casualty fans will be thrilled to know that the hit hospital drama will be back on BBC1 this Saturday.

The medical favourite has had a two break as last week BBC1 screened the launch show of the new series of Strictly Come Dancing [which isn’t on this weekend].

But things are back to normal this Saturday as Casualty will be screened at 8.25pm.

Dylan’s romance with Ciara has always been doomed, and in Saturday’s episode, full preview here, Ciara goes AWOL.

Soon Ciara turns up at the ED and it’s David who spots her. Convinced she’s been drinking, he hides her in a cubicle in a desperate bid to protect his friend.

Meanwhile, we’ll see whether Ethan Hardy and Alicia Munroe are about to rekindle their romance.

Casualty Ethan

Alicia and Ethan in more carefree times

Describing their relationship, George Rainsford, who plays Ethan, told us: “There’s a lot of history! At this stage Ethan’s turned a corner and realised that he’s been living quite selfishly and been self-centred. He pushed everyone close to him away to get through the Ellisson saga, and missed a huge life event of his best friend and former girlfriend, Alicia.”

As to their recent kiss, he added: ““Even though they’ve shared a kiss, at this stage Ethan’s a support to Alicia. He wants to be there for her, and he wants her to heal. That, rather than anything else, is his motivation I think. The ball is in Alicia’s court, there’s absolutely no pressure from him.”

Casualty returns on BBC1 this Saturday at 8.25pm.