Casualty’s Jason Durr: ‘We have treats in store with mysterious nurse David!’ (VIDEO)

Drink? Drugs? Murder? If one thing is sure, it’s that Casualty newcomer, nurse David Hide, is hiding something!

We chatted to Jason Durr on the set of Casualty and tried to find out more about the mysterious new nurse…

Former Heartbeat star Jason revealed: “You’ve seen little, really, of what David’s about. You don’t quite know at this stage how he will hold himself with other people going forward… And what little treats we have in store!”

He added: “David’s a fantastic character. He’s incredibly complex, intriguing and mysterious but, at the same time, just very human. He’s got a really good heart and soul, and is both kind and caring, and an incredibly good medic.”

Despite only being on the show for two weeks, Casualty fans have already taken David to their hearts. And seem to be championing a bromance with Doctor Dylan Keogh (William Beck). Enjoying his new role on the show, Jason was happy to play some ‘hashtag name games’ with us when we asked him if he preferred #Dylid or #Davlan?

Jason laughed: “I say #Dylid. It sounds funnier!

“That bromance with Dylan, there’s a huge possibility there. So, watch this space!”

We can also reveal in this week’s episode new consultant Elle (Jaye Griffiths) oversteps some of David’s personal boundaries. So we asked Jason if he thinks there’s room for a relationship development there, too?

He answered mysteriously: “They’re polar opposites… but also, every single one of the characters is a great counterpoint for a relationship with David, because he is so different from everybody else!”

For the full interview watch the video, above

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