Casualty star Jaye Griffiths: ‘I love blood!’ (VIDEO)

Could medicine-loving Jaye Griffiths’ new role in Casualty be the most perfect appointment ever?

The Bill and Doctors star Jaye recently joined the long-running medical drama as consultant Elle Gardner. Chatting to What’s on TV, Jaye revealed she loves blood, medical procedures and seeing inside people!

Jaye said: “Please don’t take this the wrong way but I love it. I love watching operations. I could watch them all day.

“I went to the hospital and did my research. They let me go to any theatre I wanted to and have a look from the gallery. I love medical dramas!

“To see inside a human – immense privilege! When you watch a CT scan you are seeing the image of someone’s brain. The seat of their soul, their thought – I think that’s amazing!”

This isn’t Jaye’s first time working on Casualty. She had a memorable guest role back in 1993 in an episode called Kill or Cure…

“I’m in one of those It’ll Be Alright on the Night’s for Casualty, I think. We were doing an intense scene and the shelf collapsed behind us! We were four actors not quite knowing what to do. I thought – what kind of hospital is this?”

For the full interview with Casualty’s latest recruit watch the video, above…

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