Casualty welcomes Abs’ replacement

Casualty fans mourning the loss of long-standing nurse Abs needn’t fear – he’s about to get a handsome new replacement.

Actor Ben Turner plays nurse Jay Faldren, whose confidence quickly rubs Tess up the wrong way.

Speaking to fansite about how his latest alter ego is getting on with the rest of the medical team, Ben said: “I like to think he gets on with everyone but at the moment there’s slight teething issues going on.”

“He’s told off quite a lot by Tess. He gets in trouble and learns quite quickly to look out for Tess on the warpath.”

Ben also explained how Jay ends up in the A&E department.

He said: “Charlie is instrumental in getting Jay the job, and if it wasn’t for Charlie sort of recognising something that reminded him of himself when he first started out, there’s no way Jay would be working there.

“It’s funny as Charlie does seem to tell Jay off a lot but then as he’s walking away he’ll have a wry grin. Charlie takes him into his heart where Tess doesn’t. He also has a bit of a giggle with Zoe, but most of them will get on with Jay.”

Ben replaces James Redmond, who recently quit his role as popular staff nurse Abs Denham after five years.