Casualty’s 30th anniversary celebration shattered by a helicopter crash

Details have emerged that a helicopter crash will cause chaos in the grounds of Holby in Saturday's eagerly awaited 30th anniversary of Casualty

Only a year after Emmerdale’s devastating helicopter crash, carnage from the skies will strike again – but this time it is bad news for the stars of Casualty.

The BBC soap’s 30th anniversary episode will descend into chaos when a chopper crashes into the hospital grounds, leaving lives in jeopardy.

Casualty legend Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) is the centre of attention in the feature-length special, but it isn’t long before the special party to celebrate his 30 years in the job goes horribly wrong.

In the feature-length episode, the party atmosphere is ruined when it turns out that Connie Beauchamp and her daughter, Grace, have been involved in an accident.

Unfortunately, the bad news does not end there. In a distinctly modern twist, a drone collides with a helicopter over the hospital, leading to a devastating crash.


The soap has a lot to live up to after it celebrated its 25th birthday in 2011 with a scene in which the emergency department caught fire and exploded.

Casualty’s series producer Erika Hossington commented: “We had the helicopter suspended off cranes to be able to land it like we did. It took a lot of manpower, trying to get the helicopter in the angle we needed it for the cameras. It was incredibly complex.”

The outcome of the crash has not been revealed.

The episode will feature familiar faces including former EastEnders star Pam St Clement, taking on the role of a grumpy patient.

Pam St Clement as Sally
Pam St Clement as Sally (BBC)


Soapland’s last major helicopter crash came in August 2015, when an aircraft crashed into a wedding reception and killed Emmerdale’s Val Pollard and Ross Barton.

Casualty’s 30th anniversary episode will screen on August 27 at 8pm on BBC One.


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