Casualty’s Alex Walkinshaw: ‘Fletch digs himself a deeper and deeper hole!’

Since Alex Walkinshaw announced his departure from Casualty, fans of the medical drama have been speculating on nurse Fletch’s future exit storyline.

Saturday’s episode surely held a clue, when Fletch – recently bitten by the gambling bug – lost a whopping sum of money on the stock exchange behind his wife Natalie’s back.

In an interview with What’s on TV earlier this year Alex revealed Fletch has started on a dark path now he’s using his mobile phone to bet on the stock exchange: “Fletch doesn’t really think it all the way through. He’s won silly bets with friends and made a bit of money doing online gambling. So he doesn’t say no when introduced to something that needs slightly deeper pockets!

“But Fletch soon realises his pockets aren’t deep enough and finds himself into a bit of a pickle!”

By the end of his shift, Fletch had lost £500 – almost an entire month’s mortgage payment.

Alex teases, there’s more to come for this storyline: “Rather than stopping, Fletch thinks he can get out of this by spending more money. But he digs himself a deeper and deeper hole!

“Eventually everything will come to a head. It doesn’t end well!”