Casualty’s Alex Walkinshaw: ‘Fletch may lose two of his children’

Casualty star Alex Walkinshaw reveals there’s more heartache in store for Fletch on BBC1 this Saturday…

We see Fletch’s family reach crisis point this week. What can you tell us about the episode?
“Fletch turns up at his old family home expecting to take the kids out, but ends up having an argument with estranged wife Natalie. The break-up has caused massive problems and the kids are upset and disjointed by it. Their eldest daughter Evie is so upset by their argument she runs off and hides out. And although she’s the eldest she’s only little, so there’s blind panic at her disappearance.”

And the situation goes from bad to worse?
“Fletch ends up running around the local streets trying to find Evie and discovers she’s hiding in this old house. But when he goes in to get her the ceiling gives way! Evie is trapped and injured… Then later when Nat dashes over to the hospital she ends up in a car crash – and because she’s pregnant they’re worried about the baby.”

Do you enjoy getting out of the studio to do stunt work?
“It’s lovely. I really enjoyed doing these scenes with Charles Dale and Matt Bardock, who play paramedics Big Mac and Jeff. It’s a totally different atmosphere to when you’re in the hospital. This is more smash and grab, trying to get people out of harm’s way. Filming stunts where big lumps of things are falling through ceilings is always a nice challenge!”

Do you ever feel in actual danger?
“The special effects and stunt co-ordinators who do these sequences know how to make them look great and would never let us do anything if they thought we’d get hurt or injured.

“People forget Casualty do these huge stunt scenes every week. Whereas other shows will save something like this for a big storyline, it’s what sets our week up!”

Will we see Natalie and Fletch becoming closer after these traumatic events?
“With Evie badly hurt and pregnant Natalie in a car crash Fletch realises he should be focusing on his family – they are his life, and he can’t believe he’s jeopardised all of that [by having an affair]. The tragedy of potentially losing two of their children forces Fletch and Natalie to make some big decisions. Fletch wants to go home and put his marriage back together.”