Casualty’s Alex Walkinshaw: ‘If Natalie knew the truth she’d be devastated!’

Saturday’s Casualty saw estranged couple Fletch and Natalie seemingly on the path of reconciliation, but there are more storm clouds brewing.

Alex Walkinshaw, who plays Fletch, reveals his character’s lies could ultimately lead to even more heartache – especially as his former mistress Tess plays a part in repairing the marriage!

“Part of the reason Natalie begins to accept Fletch back into the family home is because Tess helps sell his story. She speaks up for Fletch to Natalie even though it’s obviously very difficult for her,” explains Alex.

“The near tragedy of potentially losing two children in this episode forces everyone to make some big decisions. It’s hard for Natalie, but after she and Fletch have a heart-to-heart she asks him to move back in.”

The problem is, Natalie has no idea Fletch’s affair was with Tess! While Fletch admitted to having a fling with a colleague, he claims it was with a nurse who’s left the hospital…

Alex, who also starred in The Bill and Waterloo Road, continued: “Fletch realises his affair has caused massive problems. He regrets jeopardising everything and desperately wants to get his family back.

“Natalie would be absolutely devastated about Tess and Fletch. Tess has lied to her by backing up Fletch’s story. Natalie would be really hurt and betrayed if she ever found out.”

Is there even more pain looming for the ill-fated trio?