Sweet innocent Alice is about to marry paramedic Curtis in Casualty when Tony is found stabbed. Actress Sam Grey tells us what happens next…

We hear Alice and Curtis’s big day doesn’t quite go according to plan! What happens?
“Alice is trying on her wedding dress in the morning when Curtis turns up. She quickly takes off the dress and Curtis admits he went to see Tony, but when he got there he found Tony dead. He’s run from the scene and now he’s worried the police will stitch him up for murder. Alice, who is quite naive, convinces him to stay and confess – after the wedding.”

So do they go ahead and get married?
“Sadly no. Curtis learns that Detective Moreland has a witness who saw a young, black paramedic fleeing the scene of the crime. He realises it’s going to be harder than ever to prove his innocence and convinces Alice their best bet is to leave. At that point, it all spirals out of control!”

Do Curtis and Alice get away?
“Moreland spots them and gives chase. In an effort to slow down the police, Curtis slams the kitchen door. Unfortunately, it’s glass and smashes in the face of a policewoman. As she lies bleeding on the kitchen floor, Curtis does all he can to stabilise her before the ambulance arrives.”

So does he give himself up?
“No, Curtis tells Moreland that if he releases the pressure to give chase, his officer will die. He and Alice make their escape in a stolen car. At a service station outside Holby, Curtis apologises to Alice, saying he had no choice.”

What’s going on in his head?
“He’s struck by the fact that he’s blown everything he’s tried to move away from in the last few minutes by stealing that car. He can’t see a way out. Alice’s morals get the better of her. She says she needs to go to the loo, and sneaks off to call the police.”

Why does she betray the love of her life?
“She still thinks if he explains everything, it’ll all be fine. When Curtis sees her in tears as the police turn up, he realises what she’s done. He goes on the run and Alice is taken in for questioning.”

What happens next?
“It’s a two-part story, so you’ll have to wait until next week’s gripping climax to find out what happens. Let’s just say the ending is immense!”

Was this fun to film?
“It’s been really good. We had to do stunts. It was tiring. There were a lot of tears! Alice cries pretty much throughout the two episodes. It was quite a draining five weeks. It was great to be a part of this finale though. It was strange – I wasn’t used to early calls every day! I’ve not got a major storyline for a while, so I’ve got time off for now. It’s a bit dull to be honest. I miss the hard work.”