Casualty’s Amanda Mealing confesses: ‘Connie needs Zoe!’

In Saturday’s Casualty we saw Connie Beauchamp accept her limitations as a clinical lead in her staff’s time of need and pick up the phone to Zoe Hanna.

Amanda Mealing, who plays Connie, explained to What’s on TV why the ED needs Zoe: “Connie’s not a comforter. She can’t be the mother or best friend that Zoe can.”

The department is still reeling from the shock death of paramedic Jeff Collier. So with Connie unable to cope with the high level of emotions in the department, she called Zoe at the end of last week’s episode of the long-running medical drama.

“Connie has a very different manner to Zoe when it comes to running the ED. She’s not personable and involved with the team the way Zoe is.”

“Connie can run an efficient ED, but at this point the team need a comforting team leader. Connie doesn’t have the skills to do that.”

“The cracks are showing… which means conflict is coming up!”

Will Connie regret asking Zoe to return, after working so hard to take her job in the first place?

Find out how Zoe’s first days goes when Sunetra Sarker returns to the role on Saturday, October 25 on BBC1.

Meanwhile, read our episode preview here.


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