Casualty’s Big Mac fancies meatier roles

Charles Dale might have been in Casualty for more than a year – but his troubled alter ego, Big Mac, is only just getting his chance in the spotlight.

Next weekend sees the porter at the centre of a storyline alongside Jessica (Gillian Kearney), and although Charles is relishing the chance to get his teeth into a decent plot, the thesp harbours the odd dream role.

“I’ve always fancied being Ken Stott,” he said. “Everything he’s done I’d quite like to have had a got at, with this Rebus and the like.”

He continued: “I think he’s got a wonderful career, but I think a) he’s a fantastic actor and b) gets offered quite nice stuff. I’d quite like to be the gritty, and slightly knackered old copper. I’d quite like to play that at some point.”

Charles, who also played Dennis Stringer in Coronation Street, admitted he no longer gets offered theatre work.

He said: “Nobody offers me any stage work any more. I seem to have become a TV actor.”

He added: “It’s been a long time, though an old friend keeps asking me when he’s going to see my Falstaff. I say yeah – though let me get a bit older. I’d like to be in my fifties.”

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