Casualty’s Charlotte Salt: ‘Sam’s given up!’

Charlotte Salt reveals Dylan and Sam’s marital strife leads them to make a mistake with a patient…

Last week, the army refused to have Sam back. How does her estranged husband, Dylan (William Beck) respond to the news she’s staying at Holby?

“Dylan’s really quite mean to Sam but, rather than being her usual combative self, Sam tries to rise above it. But Dylan can’t – with his personality, he can’t hide anything and says exactly what he thinks at all times!”

He refuses to sign the divorce papers, yet he claims he really wants her to leave. What’s going on?

“I really don’t think Dylan wants Sam to leave Holby – he’s confused by his emotions because he doesn’t understand them. So he refuses to sign the divorce papers because that’s what she wants. He’s cutting his nose off to spite his face!”

There’s a lot of testiness this week, does this affect their professionalism?

“Dylan and Sam constantly being at each other’s throats does affect their work – and hasn’t unnoticed by their colleagues. During the shift something goes dramatically wrong with a patient while Dylan’s being really vicious towards Sam. By this point Sam’s given up. It’s a bit sad for her, as rather than coming back at him, she accepts that she deserves to be treated that way because Dylan really is hurting.”

It seems like he is still carrying a torch for her…

“I think there is this little hope inside of him that maybe they’ll get back together and it will all be lovely. Dylan’s lonely – he doesn’t have anyone else in his life.”

And does Sam still have feelings for him?

“She doesn’t want to be married to him anymore because she knows it isn’t right for either of them – but she doesn’t want him to hate her or to lose him as a friend. She’s almost reaching out to Dylan for a helping hand. It’s really quite moving.”

Are they ever going to resolve their differences?

“Everything comes out in a really lovely scene at the end of the episode. I can’t tell you what happens, but I can say, Sam finally spills her true feelings about why she came to Holby after Afghanistan. We see her admitting to being proud and selfish and explaining why she couldn’t tell him about the baggage she was carrying around with her. A lot of loose ends are tied up.”