Casualty’s Chloe Howman: ‘Rita’s life unravels when her paedophile husband turns up in the ED!’

There’s a shock in store for nurse Rita Freeman when her convicted paedophile husband turns up in Saturday’s Casualty.

The personable and popular nurse’s world comes crashing down when her husband, Mark, comes into the Holby City ED for treatment. Rita, who has been lying to friends and colleagues for months about being a widow, has some explaining to do when the whole terrible tale comes to light…

Actress Chloe Howman explained to What’s on TV: “Rita never intended to lie about her husband Mark being dead. But once it came out of her mouth she felt she had to carry it on. She was like a rabbit in the headlights when asked about him!”

She adds: “It turns out Mark was a schoolteacher and he’s in prison for having sex with one of his pupils. Rita hasn’t seen him since the day he went down for child abuse until this day when he turns up in the ED. In her mind he was dead.”

Manipulative Mark, played by EastEnders’ Joel Beckett, has gotten himself beaten up by fellow inmates in order to talk to nurse Rita about her request for a divorce. Then, at the hospital, he refuses life-saving treatment unless he’s allowed to speak to Rita first.

Chloe reveals: “Rita’s life unravels before her! It’s a devastating story. Rita’s shame is intense. She wanted to make a new start and move forward with her life, which is why she cut him off, but he still has the ability to manipulate her. It’s sad.”