Georgia Taylor explains how her character Ruth reacts when she discovers she’s expecting Jay’s child in Casualty (BBC1, Saturday)…

Does Ruth realise straight away that she’s pregnant?
“No, she’s having trouble concentrating at work, but her first thought is that her Bipolar medication isn’t working. She’s so worried about her mental health problems that she doesn’t think for a minute that she might be pregnant, which is pretty thick considering she’s a doctor!”

So when the pregnancy is confirmed, how does she react?
“Jay runs a pregnancy test for her, so when it’s confirmed, she just goes into denial. She does what she always does in a crisis – carries on with work and refuses to discuss it.”

How does Jay react to the news, considering Ruth aborted their first baby and it nearly ruined their relationship?
“He’s really happy about the news and I think Jay will make a great dad. He’s stood by Ruth through thick and thin, and let’s face it, she’s not the easiest person to deal with. He’s not in any doubt that he wants to go through with this; Ruth is the one who’s freaking out.”

So does she come round to the idea?
“An elderly couple come into the ED and seeing what a terrible time they’re going through makes Ruth realise just how lucky she is. For her it’s all a question of seizing this opportunity and being brave enough to say, ‘Let’s go for it!’”