Casualty’s Jay discovers his fate…

Ben Turner discusses Jay’s darkest day on the Casualty wards…

How does Jay react when Jordan reveals his life might be in danger?

“When Jordan collars Jay about the drugs trial, he initially presumes he’s in trouble because, as a nurse, he shouldn’t have taken part. But when Jordan reveals that the candidates have started to die, he goes into shock.”

Does anyone else know he might have the Crypto virus?

“As soon as he comes out of Jordan’s office, Noel and Big Mac corner him. Jay tries to keep it quiet but he ends up telling them. And the workplace being what it is, everyone knows within the hour – although Ruth doesn’t know at all.”

How does he spend the morning while waiting for his results?

“He’s in shock. He decides to just get on with his job, to have something else to focus on. But he’s aware that time is, literally, ticking away and this becomes very prominent in his day.”

How does Jordan reveal the outcome of his results?

“When it is time to get the results, Jay walks into Jordan’s office as if he’s walking to the gallows. He’s in a state of shock and has become convinced he’s going to die. So when Jordan rather flippantly reveals that he has taken the placebo, he feels complete relief and elation.”

But then Jordan drops another bombshell – Ruth’s getting married?

“Yes. This is the first Jay’s heard about Ruth’s engagement. He knew there was another guy on the scene but he’d no idea they were getting married. Right there and then he decides he’s going to seize the moment and make his last play to win her heart.”

This episode of Casualty can be seen on Saturday at 8.50pm on BBC1.

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