As CEO of Holby City, Guy Self has big plans for the future of the hospital. And unfortunately for Casualty’s clinical lead Zoe Hanna they don’t include her!

In an interview with What’s on TV, John Michie, who regularly stars in both Casualty and Holby City, revealed it’s no accident Guy recruited new emergency department consultant Connie Beauchamp.

“Guy’s such a game player. He’s getting his own people in to run the hospital – and he’s big on Connie taking over the ED!”

Guy, who regularly wines and dines Connie, has an ulterior motive for keeping her sweet: “He’s getting to know his contemporaries in high positions because he’s a bit of a control freak.

“Guy’s manipulative. He pulls everyone’s strings, especially at the top levels.”

John, 57, who became infamous as Coronation Street serial killer Karl Munro, hints that Connie might not be the pushover Guy anticipates: “Guy’s attracted to powerful women – Jac in Holby City and Connie in Casualty. He wants to be challenged. Inevitably that’s going to cause friction, or lust! 

“But in Connie, he’s met his match. It will be interesting to see…”

Watch this Saturday’s Casualty to find out if Guy finally manages to oust Zoe and replace her with Connie.