Jeff Bardock reveals how Jeff tries to stop Karl turning killer in BBC One’s Casualty this Saturday…

Last week Jeff discovered Karl’s cousin, Jamie, was the shooter at Holby College. How has this affected him?
“Jeff’s shocked initially and it takes him a while to process, but he does come to grips with it.”

What is it about young tearaway Karl that makes Jeff want to help him?
“Jeff blames himself for Polly’s death and so his guilt makes him determined to pick up where she left off in helping Karl.”

Caring and sharing isn’t Jeff’s default setting!
“Jeff’s a bit of a dinosaur in the emotions department, so it’s a tricky journey for him! He’s trying to help Karl while also dealing with his own emotional turmoil.”

Karl returns to the college this week. Does Jeff worry about his motives?
“Jeff fears the worst at first and worries that Karl is going to pick up where his cousin left off and start shooting at people! But actually Karl has come back to return some things he stole on the night of the shooting. Karl’s trying to do something good, but Jeff gets it wrong. He’s not great at human issues!”

There’s more to this story than Jeff simply helping Karl, though…
“Polly was trying to counsel Jamie and show him there was a different way of life. Jeff tries to pick up where she left off because he feels guilty about not being there when Polly needed him.”

How does it all come to a head?
“Karl loses it with Zac, a college student who has been bullying him, and ends up dangling him over a balcony! Jeff talks to Karl, tells him he got it wrong and apologises to him. The entire episode is cathartic for Jeff because he comes to realise he isn’t to blame for Polly’s death.”