Casualty’s Michael Stevenson: ‘Iain’s harbouring even more guilt’

The dust has settled at Holby City ED following last Saturday night’s siege at the ambulance station, but Ian’s struggling to return to normality.

Michael Stevenson, who plays paramedic Iain, reveals there’s still much internal drama for his character, with his army buddy Kenny under arrest and fellow paramedic Big Mac recovering from head injuries in hospital.

“In the aftermath of the hostage episodes Iain’s harbouring a lot of guilt over what happened,” Michael told What’s on TV. “Guilt from his time in Afghanistan, when his entire platoon was killed by a suicide bomber, and also because Big Mac’s been injured by his scuffle with Kenny. The only way forward is to get it off his chest. But even though he has a bond with Big Mac, Iain isn’t strong enough to open up yet. He doesn’t really have anyone to turn to.’
In Saturday’s episode on BBC1, Iain, in his usual macho manner, is refusing to admit anything is wrong – until duty manager Dixie advises him to talk to Big Mac about what’s troubling him.

“Big Mac and Iain are both ex-servicemen, so Mac sees what’s really going on with Iain. There’s a reason why Iain is the way he is. He feels responsible for the death of his mates in Afghanistan. And with Big Mac injured in the hostage situation Iain feels even more guilt. It’s affecting his work and home life.”