Since the arrival of new consultant Connie Beauchamp, clinical lead Zoe Hanna has been engaged in a battle of wills, as the newcomer is clearly after her job.

Patrick Robinson reveals Holby’s other consultant doctor, Ash, however, has no interest in getting involved in Connie and Zoe’s power struggle.

“The dynamics between Connie and Zoe have seen them vying for alpha female. But Ash isn’t interested in running the ED, or their Dynasty-like clashes! 

“Ash is more interested in being one of the hands-on guys on the floor. He’s happy to leave the paperwork, bureaucracy, meetings and administration duties of the clinical lead position to the more ambitious movers and shakers.”

Besides, in Saturday’s Casualty (BBC1, 8.45pm), Ash has his hands full with wayward daughter Ella.

In the past the teen tearaway has had a fling with a teacher and been admitted to the hospital (more than once!) for overindulging in drink and drugs. Ella finally crosses the line with her indulgent father this week, when she steals ketamine from his medical bag and throws a party for her friends while he’s at work.

Patrick explains: “Ash hasn’t had a link with Ella growing up. A lot of the flaws in her character are probably due to the fact he wasn’t around. Ultimately he doesn’t know his daughter.”

The talented doctor is forced to make a tough choice before the titles roll. Read more here!