Casualty’s Richard Dillane: Adam should watch out!

Casualty star Richard Dillane reveals the ulterior motive behind Sean’s reappearance in Holby…

Sean’s appearance is a bit of a shock, how do Jessica and Adam react?

“His return has been a complete surprise for Adam and Jessica and he knows he’s going to upset the apple cart. For Jessica, especially, it’s a total surprise but for Adam a little less so as he’s been encouraging Jessica to have a cordial relationship with him for the sake of their children, Amelia and Lucas.”

Is he only back on the scene for the sake of his children?

“The idea is he wants access to his two children. I don’t think he wants to run away with them to the Middle East again – he’s already tried that one! But he definitely doesn’t want to be deprived of seeing them altogether.”

Does he have any ulterior motives?

“Sean’s a complex character – nothing’s ever simple with him. He’s definitely trying to drive a wedge between Adam and Jessica. That’s only one of his ulterior motives. I can’t tell you any more than that because it would ruin the suspense!”

What sort of person do you perceive Sean to be?

“He’s not the nicest person in the world, but he’s not completely immoral. He’s charming to fellow consultants and he’s obviously very good at his job and I think he loves his wife and feels very hard done by – especially as she’s just about to marry this hospital doctor!”

This is a limited return to Casualty for you, what else are you working on?

“Right now I’m making a film called Oranges and Sunshine with Emily Watson directed by Jim Loach, son of Ken Loach. We’re filming in Nottingham and it’s going extremely well!”