Casualty’s Steven: ‘Lenny misreads the signals!’

Actor Steven Miller explains what happens when Lenny makes a move on Linda in Saturday’s Casualty (BBC1)…

We’ve seen Lenny and Linda grow closer recently. What’s led up to this?

“They’ve gradually become closer since Linda started looking after her nephew and niece, Joe and Britney. Lenny, having been in a care home himself, has been there to help and support her.”

Britney and Joe aren’t very trusting children, but they really seem to like Lenny. Why is this?

“They like him to an extent. They are still their usual selves, but he manages to get on the trusting side of them, which is more than most people do. They’ve been through a lot and there’s a sense that he really understands their predicament.”

So what is it that makes him think he and Linda could be more than friends?

“In the build up to planning a family outing with the kids this week, there is a physical closeness that makes Lenny thinks they’re getting closer in a different way. Lenny completely misreads the signals and goes for the plunge! It’s not exactly his smoothest moment!”

How does Linda react to his unexpected kiss?

“Linda is shocked and Lenny is completely flustered and annoyed with himself. Linda really hadn’t seen anything romantic in their relationship – and to be honest, Lenny hadn’t anticipated it either. It just happened!”

How does the kiss affect Lenny’s friendship with Linda?

“He manages to pick himself up from it after his initial flustered feelings. He gets over it and it’s all smoothed over! In a way it brings them closer over the coming episodes, because there’s no pretence any more.”