Doctor Zoe Hanna makes a surprise return to Casualty pm Saturday to the shock of everyone – especially her lovelorn ex, Max.

Zoe resigned earlier this year because she needed a break from the stress of the ED. In her wake, Zoe left hospital porter Max heartbroken. She only wanted a fling, but he thought they had something…

Now Zoe’s back to help out in the department following the death of paramedic Jeff Collier, Max is understandably eager to talk to her. Zoe, however, avoids him like the plague!

Sunetra says: “Zoe was really surprised by her feelings for Max. She thinks she can’t possibly fall in love with him, so she’s done her best not to.

“Zoe left the hospital to look at her life in more depth. When she turned 40 she realised she needed to step back and reassess what Holby means to her.”

When we catch up with Zoe in her return episode on Saturday she’s on the phone making dinner plans with a mystery someone. It looks like Max and Zoe are dead in the water. Could she have found a new love?

Sunetra, who is part of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing line-up, teased: “Max is smitten and keeps surprising her with his interest. There’s something in the air for those guys!”

Watch Zoe’s return and Max’s reaction on Casualty