Look who’s back in Casualty this Christmas… why does Sally want to see Charlie?

REVEALED: Casualty’s Christmas guest storyline is full of seasonal cheer and some famous faces including the return of Pam St Clement as Sally!

Tis the season to be merry – which is exactly what pensioners Sally Hodges and Claude Maynard end up becoming when they strike up an unlikely friendship in Casualty’s Christmas episode!

EastEnders Pam St Clement reprises her recurring guest role as Irish pensioner Sally, who arrives at the ED desperate to see her pal, nurse Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson). With Charlie busy tending to the seasonal drunks and attempting to save Connie’s life, she invents a selection of symptoms so she can stay in the ED in the hope of bumping into him!

Charlie’s desperately trying to keep Connie alive when Sally wants to see him

It’s then Sally encounters bluff ex-army man Claude Maynard (Emmerdale’s Michael Jayston) who’s been dumped at the ED by his selfish family! Cross words are exchanged between her and Claude, until they’re united by a common cause – a craving for booze! They steal some bottles from the staff room and sneak outside for a tipple. And by tipple, we mean skinful!

Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship? And why exactly does Sally want to see Charlie so desperately? Find out in Casualty’s Christmas episode on BBC1 at 8.05pm on 23rd December.