A quick chat with Connie Fisher about her dog walk to disaster in this Saturday’s Casualty on BBC1…

Tell us about your guest appearance in Casualty…
“I play Amanda who is out walking when her dog runs off. She rushes after it and falls down a hole that turns out to be a cave. Dave, a fellow dog-owner who fancies Amanda but hasn’t had the courage to ask her out, hears her screams. He tries to help, but she ends up dragging him into the collapsing cave with her!”

Even though they’re very badly injured, does love blossom?
“It’s really heart-wrenching. In the cave Amanda and Dave really bond and discover they’ve common interests. They arrange to go on a date when they get out. You really hope both of them get out of the cave alive…”

Did you enjoy being in Casualty?
“I am thrilled to be a casualty in Casualty. Even though I’m trapped and covered in blood for most of it, it was a brilliant experience and very different to being a stage actress! Working with Charlotte Salt, who plays Sam, and William Beck, who plays Dylan, was great too. This episode really puts the spotlight on their relationship as well.”

How have rehearsals for your new musical Wonderful Town been going?
“I’m so excited. It’s the first time I’ve been on stage for a year so it’s quite scary!”

How is your voice holding up since your vocal cord surgery?
“My voice is holding up really well. Wonderful Town is a great role for me because it’s a very low part, and that really suits my new voice. I’ve had to learn to sing again so I’m really thrilled to be given this great opportunity. It’s also a great comedy role, and I’m really excited to hear what people think.”