Just as Dixie’s about to get married to best pal Jeff in Casualty, her dad discovers her gay secret. Jane Hazlegrove, who plays her, reveals all…

Are there wedding jitters for either Jeff or Dixie before they tie the knot?
“Yes, for the pair of them! They’re both thinking, ‘What are we doing?’ They’re mates so it will be a marriage without the physical side. They’re such good pals it seems like it might work – even though it is a lie.”

Can you explain why Dixie asked Jeff to marry her?
“Dixie asked Jeff to marry her because her dad has turned up after a couple of years of estrangement and revealed he’s dying of lung cancer. Dixie has always wanted her dad’s approval, but she’s never been able to tell him the truth. He wants to see her settled before he dies so she thought: I can do that! She’s been sharing her house with divorcee Jeff for nearly two years – so poor Jeff cops it!”

Is it going to be a full-blown white wedding?
“No, it’s a registry wedding. I’m not wearing a meringue. I’m a bit long in the tooth for that!”

What happens at the registry office?
“There’s a big surprise at the registry office. Dixie turns up all ready to do the deed and the registrar turns out to be her new lover Lena, who she spent the previous night with!”

Does Dixie get a chance to explain the situation to Lena?
“Yes she does get a chance… but I don’t think Lena is impressed because, unlike Dixie, she’s out and proud. Dixie’s not really that mature when it comes to her emotions. She’s afraid of her dad’s reaction so she bottles it every time.”

So, what happens next?
“The ceremony goes ahead and it looks like Dixie has gotten away with it. While her dad is outside talking to Jeff she goes to thank Lena for her part in making the charade happen. But catastrophe strikes when her dad spots them having a goodbye kiss!”