Casualty (Tuesday, BBC1) star Duncan Pow explains how his alter ego Linden ends up engaged to Faye – by accident!

Why on earth does Linden ask Faye to marry him – she’s the black widow of Holby!
“He doesn’t! It’s all a misunderstanding. Linden’s had enough of Joseph always being around, now Faye is expecting his baby. He tells Faye that he can’t be the ‘third person’ any more. He is trying to tell her they’re finished, but she thinks he’s proposing!”

Why doesn’t he put her right?
“He’s Faye’s little lap dog, he just goes along with it being the weak man that he is. So, not by his design, they end up engaged.”

Isn’t she still married to Joseph?
“Yes, and there’s a twist to come where that’s concerned. It’s never going to be plain sailing with them, is it?”

What is it about Joseph that annoys Linden?
“Linden is a very black and white man, he wants an easy life. Joseph is like a dog with a bone. He won’t let things go – the comments, the digs, the rows. It makes Linden act in a way that he doesn’t like. He just wishes Joseph would go away and never come back!”

If you met a woman like Faye in real life, would you run a mile?
“I am constantly meeting women like that. The truth is I probably wouldn’t run a mile, I’d probably get caught up in it all too and wind up engaged. Nothing is ever easy with my personal relationships.”