Farewell Kel!

Casualty star Janine Mellor, who plays Kelsey Phillips, chats about her hectic exit episode…

Can you tell me about Kelsey’s last day?

“She’s expecting a party but everyone says they’re working. She’s gutted as she thinks everyone has bailed on her and that no one cares.”

How does she spend the evening?

“After they give her a going away card with £20 in it and she ends up in the pub with Ruth, Alice and Zana – who are not party people! She’s disappointed and a bit annoyed that no one tried harder, after all she’s been working there a while.”

What happens in the pub?

“Alice and Ruth try to keep Kelsey sober for her surprise going away party, but it doesn’t go quite to plan! Alice keeps swapping the drinks around to keep Kelsey sober and Ruth inadvertently gets really drunk. Then Kelsey catches the eye of a guy named Guy and the two of them disappear together.”

Where do they go?

“They get mugged and while trying to act like a bit of a hero Guy gets his hand cut. So Kelsey, being the lovely nurse she is, takes him back to the hospital and looks after his hand.”

Has Kelsey finally met the man of her dreams?

“She gets a little bit of romance in the last episode, but this being Kel it doesn’t all go to plan! A young mum at the hospital recognises Guy as the father of her child and although they’re not a couple he gets quite nasty with this woman.”

OK, so the man’s gone, does this mean the surprise party goes ahead?

“Yes but Kel looks a complete mess by the time the team finally surprise her as she’s been crying in the toilets! It’s really sweet and lovely when they surprise her though – she’s completely shocked! She really thought they didn’t care, but they obviously do very much. It’s a really lovely moment – they’ve gotten her a cake with her face on it and a leaving book with lots of messages and photos. They all come good in the end, but Kel looks a complete and utter mess as she’s been through quite a lot by this point!

So is this the last we see of her?

“I don’t know. There may be a chance for her to come back as she’s only gone travelling. Who knows, we’ll just see what happens…”

Watch Kelsey’s last episode on BBC One One on Saturday, April 4, at 8.50pm

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