Casualty star George Rainsford reveals happier times may lie ahead for troubled medic Ethan Hardy – but he’s got a few hurdles to overcome first…

In tonight’s episode Ethan got ever closer to the truth about Connie’s health. Next week it’s an explosive episode where Ethan figures out Connie (Amanda Mealing) is at death’s door, and Connie reveals she knows he let Scott Ellisson die!

What’s on TV caught up with George Rainsford and asked him about the ongoing implications of Scott’s death, Ethan’s alliance with Connie, and whether happier times lie ahead for the guilt-ridden medic…

Ethan’s really been through the ringer – Cal’s murder, Scott’s death and now Connie’s illness!

“It’s a really nice development of his stories I think, rather than just brushing over it and getting on with everything as normal.”

At the time of Scott’s inquest did you think Ethan may not be able to turn his life around?

“Leading up to Scott’s inquest Ethan hadn’t been sleeping and was worrying about it, while on the surface trying to suppress his emotions of guilt and wrongdoing.”

Does Ethan still blame himself for Scott’s death? All will be revealed soon!

The struggle with his guilt was heartbreaking to watch. What was going on with him?

“On the surface he tried to convince himself that he let nature take its course and he didn’t actually do anything wrong. So when the inquest verdict came in and it was positive news, initially Ethan felt relief. But quite quickly other emotions came to the surface – and then he started to unravel.”

It was so effective when Scott literally haunted him at one point!

“Yeah, when Ethan fell asleep at work and the guilt was really eating away at him. When Will Austin who plays Scott appeared in the autumn trailer people kept asking on Twitter if he was still alive. My joke was that Scott becomes our clinical lead!”

If you think about it, if hadn’t have been for Cal and Scott’s death, Ethan may not have come to Connie’s attention?

“Yeah in the episode of Scott’s inquest Ethan realised he couldn’t carry the secret of Scott’s death with him. He handed in his resignation [to Connie] because he needed to come clean otherwise he wouldn’t be able to move through it…”

Happier times for Ethan and Alicia (Chelsea Halfpenny) – even if she did go out with his brother!

Given the new alliance between Connie and Ethan. Does this mean romance is now completely off the table for Ethan and Alicia?

“At the moment I don’t think anything is off the table but because Alicia and Ethan ended so badly and in such difficult circumstances it’s been parked for now. But I know there are discussions… It took so long for them to get together that there probably are still feelings there but, as yet, they haven’t rekindled…”

We hope it’s leading somewhere good for him?

“Yeah, it’s a slow path to a happier life for Ethan with lots of hiccups along the way.”

Watch Ethan and Connie’s showdown in Casualty on BBC1, Saturday 14th October.