Casualty star Georgia Taylor talks about Ruth’s discovery of May slumped next to a bottle of pills in the BBC One favourite, screening on Saturday, January 23…

How is Ruth’s relationship with May?
“It’s quite strained. Ruth has been assigned as May’s mentor, but it’s not a role that she’s enjoying or particularly good at.”

Why is this?
“Ruth’s not a naturally sympathetic person, so being partnered with someone who is still learning tests her patience.”

Is there another reason why Ruth is so angry?
“I think a lot of Ruth’s current problems stem from the fact that her relationship with Jay has crumbled and she’s now taking out her frustration on a younger, junior doctor.”

Can you tell us about Ruth and May’s public row at work?
“There’s a scene in resus were May’s trying to manipulate someone’s shoulder back into place. She’s struggling with the procedure when Ruth comes in and humiliates her in front of everyone. May just flips and gives Ruth a piece of her mind and tells her she’s a selfish cow!”

How does Ruth react to this?
“She tries to remain professional and get back to work, but May’s words have hit home with her. Later she tries to talk to Jay about it and he has a go at her as well!”

Are things completely finished between Ruth and Jay?
“Things are really badly strained between them at the moment. Since she told him she had an abortion he pretty much refuses to speak to her – and when he does he gives her a lecture about her lack of empathy and how she’s going to end up alone.”

What effect does this have on her?
“It prompts her to go and visit May. When she gets to May’s house she sees her through the window, apparently unconscious, beside some pills as if she’s taken an overdose.”

Has May actually taken an overdose?
“Ruth automatically assumes she has because of her own situation as a junior doctor when she tried to commit suicide herself. She feels really responsible for not spotting May’s vulnerability. But you’ll have to watch to find out what happens…”