Casualty‘s Georgia Taylor discusses Ruth’s feelings for Jay, the pregnancy and her character’s life-long ambition to become a surgeon.

When does Ruth first suspect she might be pregnant?
“She’s in her new flat with Jay when she realises she’s missed taking some of her contraceptive pills. Soon afterwards she has morning sickness.”

Does she take action immediately?
“Yes, she does a pregnancy test at the hospital. It’s just like her to be so practical and proactive, but she’s also terrified. She feels it’s the worst timing in the world. It’s her life’s ambition to become a surgeon and she’s just gotten this new job with Sarah Evans as her mentor.”

Why doesn’t she confide in Jay?
“I guess it’s just fear. She’s never been in a serious relationship and she’s very reluctant to get close to people because she doesn’t want to get hurt. Deep down she knows Jay really cares for her and would support her whatever her decision, but there’s always the chance he might try and persuade her to have the child. She thinks it’s best to deal with it on her own.”

Would it be fair to say Sarah Evans is a massive influence on Ruth?
“I would say so, but not directly as Sarah doesn’t know she’s pregnant. Sarah keeps telling Ruth she needs to be completely dedicated to the job and have no distractions. As far as Ruth’s concerned, Sarah’s not going to think having a child is a good idea.”

Why does she decide to take the abortion pill in the end?
“I think it’s essentially her career that’s the biggie, but there’s also the fact her and Jay haven’t been together very long. She doesn’t know whether the relationship is going to last. There’s also a part of Ruth that’s waiting on Jay to dump her. She doesn’t believe someone can truly love her, so while she’s having a really nice time with him, she doesn’t know if it’s going to be a long-term thing.”

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