Georgia Taylor reveals all about Ruth’s abortion!

Following her shock decision to take the abortion pill in secret last week in Casualty, Ruth is now pretending it’s business as usual. But privately she wrestles with her decision while also facing pressure from Sarah Evans to dump Jay. Here Georgia Taylor discusses the aftermath of Ruth’s decision.

How is she coping?

“Ruth is trying desperately to focus on her work as much as she can. She’s feeling very guilty for not telling Jay about the abortion although I don’t think she feels guilty about the abortion itself. I think Ruth is someone who would definitely be pro-choice and believe it’s a woman’s right to chose.”

Does Jay have any clue about how she’s feeling?

“She’s told Jay she’s not feeling well and he’s being really lovely to her. Which makes her feel even more guilty about betraying him. But she also feels it’s too late now to open up to him about it.”

Why does she change her mind about taking him to the surgeons’ dinner?

“Ruth has been intending on taking Jay as her partner until Sarah takes her aside and has a word with her. Sarah doesn’t approve of Jay and tells Ruth she doesn’t think she should bring him to the dinner as he’s not a good person to be seen with.”

How does she break it to Jay?

“Well at this point she’s starting to feel physically unwell. She’s sweating and suffering from hot flushes so she just tells him she isn’t feeling herself.”

Yet she still goes?

“Initially she decides not to go to the dinner at all because she thinks it’s the best way to avoid hurting Jay. But at the last minute she changes her mind and goes without him.”

How does he react when he finds out?

“When Jay turns up at the dinner he makes a really big scene in front of all the other surgeons. He’s heartbroken that she’d lie to him, while she’s absolutely mortified she’s been caught out and also physically suffering. Without giving too much away, after Jay storms out there is a really dramatic consequence for Ruth…”