Holby City surgeon Xavier Duval’s presence in Casualty rocks Bea and Ethan to their core…

Good news for fans of Casualty-Holby City crossovers, arrogant Holby City surgeon Xavier ‘Zav’ Duval makes his presence felt in the ED this week. And far from being a quick cameo of no consequence, cocky Xavier’s arrival in the ED has far-reaching consequences for junior doctor Bea Kinsella and acting clinical lead Ethan Hardy!

Xavier (Marcus Griffiths) is infamously undiplomatic in Holby City, and he’s happy to name and shame junior doctor Bea to anyone who’ll listen when he pops up in Casualty this week.

Here are six things you need to know about Xavier’s Casualty debut…

Urgent surgery

Xavier puts Holby ED under the spotlight. Can he save Sean?

Xavier is called to the ED to perform surgery on vulnerable patient Sean. Sean’s in need of urgent medical intervention after over-worked Bea missed a shard of glass embedded in his back last week…

Not a betting man

Shards of glass got stuck in Sean’s back when he had a fall while fleeing a robbery

Not short of confidence Xavier very much sees himself as the man of the hour, fixing ED mistakes. But even he admits Sean’s chances are only 50-50…


Unwanted advice

Ethan’s already had a run-in with Holby City’s Jac Naylor. How will he respond to Xavier’s criticism?

When the EDs acting clinical lead, Ethan Hardy, asks Xavier to keep him updated on Sean’s progress, Xavier arrogantly gives him advice on how to manage his team. Bea comes in for severe criticism from Xavier!


Nurses revolt

You talking to me? Charlie has a few choice words for Ethan

ED Nurse Louise Tyler overhears Xavier and Ethan’s conversation and doesn’t hold back in telling Ethan that she holds him responsible for Bea’s mistake. Shortly after Louise’s dressing down, Charlie speaks his mind too and Ethan doesn’t like what the senior nurse has to say…


Bea’s stung

Just when Bea thought she couldn’t feel any worse, along comes Xavier to hammer home her shortcomings

Dishevelled and hungover, remorseful Bea visits Sean after his surgery only to be faced with devastating news. Xavier pointedly lays blame for Sean’s condition at her door. If you thought Ethan’s criticism last week was scathing, you’re in for a shock, as Xavier takes cruel to a new level. Yet, despite his method Bea realises Xavier has a point.

What Bea decides to do next is life changing for her, Ethan, and the future of the ED…

Tune into Casualty on BBC1 at 8.40PM this Saturday when Xavier makes his mark on the ED!