Holby’s John Michie: ‘I’ve based Guy Self on someone close to me – and they love it!’

Holby City star John Michie reveals he comes from a long line of real life medics, and he’s based his cahracter, CEO Guy Self, on one of them!

“My mother is a nurse, my sister’s a nurse, my brother-in-law is a GP, and I’ve got friends in Edinburgh who are consultants.

“They’re very kind to me about being hospital CEO Guy Self. My friend Tony is a neurologist and told me I was very convincing – and he’d certainly tell me if I wasn’t! He pointed out I was holding a brain scan upside down in a publicity shot!”

John, 57, who joined BBC’s medical drama Holby City in 2013 and makes regular crossovers to sister show Casualty, says the character of Guy Self is inspired by someone close to him.

“I’ve loosely based Guy Self on one of them. They know this and love it!”