It’s D-day for May!

It’s the end of the line for May in Casualty. Laura Aikman discusses her exit storyline…

Yuki makes a reappearance this week – how is he and where has he been?

“Yuki’s brought into the hospital in a pretty bad way. It turns out he’s been living in a wheelie bin!”

How does May feel about his reappearance?

“May’s relieved he’s all right but she’s also panicked. She’s worried about how he’s going to react and if he’s going to report her.”

Does she feel guilty about making him take the blame for breaking a patient’s neck?

“Deep down she feels bad about what’s she’s done to him but at this point she’s more concerned about what’s going to happen to her. She’s very selfish!”

How does this storyline tie in with the anthrax scare at the hospital?

“May spends her shift trying to avoid Yuki until Charlie asks her to give him a letter that’s been delivered to the ward. White powder spills from the envelope and May and Yuki end up in quarantine together.”

How does this lead to her decision to confess?

“During the anthrax scare Yuki saves a young patient who is in desperate need of a blood transplant as none of the surgeons can enter the quarantined room. May realises he’s a brilliant doctor, and that she is not, and that she has to confess. Yuki’s born to be a doctor and she’s taken it away from him.”

What happens then?

“You see May walk away at the end of this, and that’s the last you see of her.”

Have you enjoyed your time on Casualty?

“I’ve had really good storylines. I’ve really enjoyed all of it, especially the stuff with Yuki.”

You were first in Casualty when you were young. Do you remember that storyline?

“I was in it when I was about 13 or 14 – about 10 years ago! I played a girl who choked on an apple and then fell in love with the paediatrician. My character then thought she had AIDS because he had and learns you can’t get AIDS just by being treated by someone who has it. It was very dramatic!”