Jan Francis’s high leads to a massive low in Casualty

Jan Francis pops up in Saturday’s Casualty as mild-mannered Ginny, who ends up in the emergency department having collapsed at home. But her problem is self-inflicted!

Initially Ginny’s mysterious chest pains puzzle the Holby City medics until she makes a gobsmacking confession – she’s taken cocaine to celebrate her 55th birthday, as she wanted to do something naughty for once.

The problem is, the drugs have highlighted a serious underlying heart problem…

An accomplished dancer Jan, 66, began her acting career in 1969 when she made the bold decision to leave the Royal Ballet to chase her dream of becoming an actress. By 1979 she’d starred in numerous TV dramas and sitcoms, as well as horror film Dracula with Laurence Olivier.

It was the role of Susie Dent in The Good Companions (1980), however, that made her a huge household name. This fame prompted writer John Sullivan (Only Fools and Horses) to create the character of Wendy in Just Good Friends for especially her. Jan’s also starred in Bad Girls, Mistresses and Emmerdale.

Find out if the Casualty team manage to restart Ginny’s heart and save her life on Saturday 26th April on BBC1.