John Michie: ‘Guy is getting in with the alpha females on Casualty and Holby City!’

Holby City star John Michie tells What’s on TV about Guy Self’s visit to Casualty this week. And it turns out the hospital CEO has big plans for Holby…

This weekend’s Casualty sees Holby City hospital CEO Guy Self piling pressure on emergency department head Zoe Hanna. What’s he up to?
“As CEO Guy’s constantly checking on everything. He’s got huge ambitions for Holby City Hospital – he wants it to be a world leader. Inevitably that’s going to cause friction!”

Is that where ED consultant Connie comes in?
“In Connie Guy recognises a powerful alpha figure like himself. Guy’s relationship with Connie in Casualty is slightly similar to his relationship with Jac in Holby City. Guy’s getting his own people in, who will run the hospital in the way he wants it run. He’s getting in with the alpha females on both shows!”

There’s an increase in Holby City and Casualty crossovers at the moment. What does that bring to the medical dramas?

“The crossovers stir things up and liven everything up! It’s good for both shows to have fresh blood coming in.”

Is Guy’s relationship with Connie strictly professional?
“There’s a connection between them. Amanda Mealing (Connie) and I have certainly played it with a bit of a subtext that there may, or may not, be more there…”

Zoe’s under tremendous pressure as ED clinical lead. How does she appear during Guy’s unexpected visit?
“There’s a lot of chaos on the ward when Guy turns up. He’s concerned Zoe a bit stretched. Guy’s at the top level pulling everyone’s strings. He’s very manipulative.”

He’s clearly in cahoots with Connie – does he not feel any remorse towards Zoe?
“Well, he feels Zoe’s brought this on herself. She can’t hack it and it’s not working, and that’s not his fault. Guy’s got to make sure the hospital is run in the best possible way. He’s a very good politician, but he doesn’t suffer fools – and he always gets his way. Politically he and Connie aren’t afraid to stir things up!”

Catch former Coronation Street star John Michie in Casualty on Saturday, June 7 on BBC1.


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