John Michie: ‘Holby’s Guy has a bigger ego than Karl in Corrie!’

John Michie has a surprising answer to the question, which of his characters had the biggest ego – serial killer character Karl Munro in Coronation Street or his current alter ego, CEO Guy Self in the BBC’s medical dramas Holby City and Casualty.

“I would say Guy has the bigger ego. Karl in Corrie was egotistical, but in a bit of a stupid way. He really loved himself. Whereas Guy’s ego is used more productively. He’s cleverer and more manipulative,” he told What’s on TV.

John, 57, who also starred as DI Robbie Ross in Scottish detective drama Taggart from 1998 to 2010, added: “Karl had quite an impact on people – they either hated him or strangely loved the character. I got a fair amount of abuse on the streets of Manchester for Karl.

“The Holby audience isn’t quite as fiery as the Coronation Street audience, which is not a bad thing! I really loved playing Karl, but Guy’s fantastic to play too.”