Casualty actress Sunetra Sarker talks about the week Zoe finally chooses who has won her heart…

So – in a nutshell: Matt’s proposed to Zoe, but while she’s taking her time giving him an answer, she ends up in bed with her ex, Jordan. Why can’t Zoe control herself?!
“I really feel for the girl. I’ve been playing her for so long I really feel her angst – she doesn’t know right from wrong the poor girl! She keeps trying to do the right thing and then gets herself back into trouble.”

Does Jordan actually ask her not to marry Matt?
“Sort of – in his Jordan-like way! He poses questions for her so that she has to think.”

Is that because he loves her?
“He’s feeling the threat of her relationship with Matt and that she might become unavailable.”

But how does she feel about Matt – is it genuine?
“She may have set out to make Jordan jealous, but she has genuinely fallen into a comfortable relationship with another guy. She’s in a very tricky position.”

So… does she accept Matt’s proposal then?
“It’s not going to be what the audience expects. It’s going to be a big surprise where Zoe is headed this time round. You’ve got to stick with this story till the end of the series!”