Doctor Rash managed to impress Gem Dean with a daring rescue. Now, can he pluck up the courage to ask her out?

Did your heart melt a little bit when junior doctor Rash Masum saved hospital porter Gem Dean from a horrifying hostage situation in tonight’s Casualty? Our hope is now that Rash has conquered his fear of Resus and managed to impress the girl, it’s only a matter of time before Gem and Rash are Casualty’s cutest new couple.

But hold the thermometer, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. This is Casualty, where the path to true love never, ever runs smoothly. How on earth can timid Rash and cautious Gem (Rebecca Ryan) overcome their differences and become the ED’s new favourite couple?

Here we talk to Neet Mohan, who reveals more about Rash and Gem’s stumbling romance…


Rash and Gem have put ‘wallet-gate’ behind them. Could a date now be on the cards?

Let’s talk Rash and Gem. There’s been a spark since they first met…

“Yes, Rash has been tongue-tied since he first met Gem. He’s not extremely confident when it comes to women!”

Is that why he hasn’t asked her out?

“That, and the time he accused her of stealing his wallet. Rash tends to jump the gun a bit and rushes to conclusions, before thinking about things rationally.”

Maybe that’s not always a bad thing? He saved her when she was taken hostage…

“In his fight or flight mode in tonight’s episode you see Rash dives on the stolen car to save Gem, who was taken prisoner at knifepoint. He wasn’t really thinking – just like the time he accused her of stealing his wallet! Lucky for Rash and Gem it ended up okay this time.”

Is Gem too happy-go-lucky for serious Rash?

Rash is close to his mum Madia Masum (Buckso Dhillon-Woolley). We imagine she won’t be pleased about his heroics?

“No, I don’t think she would be. If she had it her way she’d wrap Rash up in cotton wool! Although she does want him to flee the nest a bit. She’s always putting pressure on him to find someone and settle down. Recently she insinuated Rash and Bea should get together, obviously not knowing anything about Bea.”

We really hope there’s a future episode where Rash introduces his mum to Gem!

“That would be great, wouldn’t it? I think they should write it now!”

Rash needs to ask Gem out first though. Is that on the cards?

“Rash’s flirting techniques definitely need some work first. It’s not too much of a spoiler to say he doesn’t get much better at flirting either! He’ll eventually get round to asking Gem out but, just like his fear of Resus, it may take a very long time. His fear of asking Gem out gets the better of Rash on more occasions so it takes a while!”

Casualty continues on BBC1 next Saturday.