New recruit Oliver arrives in Casualty in style

New Casualty recruit Oliver Coleman has described his flying start at the medical drama.

The 28-year-old actor joins the BBC One series in early January as emergency paediatrics specialist Dr Tom Kent, and makes a grand entrance on a helicopter.

He said: “Tom is working for the helicopter emergency services as a doctor when he first arrives. If you could put anything in your contract it would be, ‘Can I arrive on a helicopter?'”

Oliver thinks this is a fitting start to the ‘flash’ character, but added that the new doctor has a heart of gold.

He said: “He used to be a professional swimmer and started off as a kid. His father was pushy and Tom rejected it and that’s why he likes working with kids, he wants to make sure they’re doing what they should be doing as a kid. He relates to kids with pushy parents.”

With dashing good looks, Tom is likely to cause a stir among the women of Holby, but Oliver has no idea what romances are in store.

He said: “Him and Linda get on very well, they’re compatible as doctor and nurse. There may be something there, but don’t quote me on that one! His personal life hasn’t been explored yet, it’s very much a secret and I think that’s where it could go, although I do know he’s a bit of a flirt outside work.”