Ethan Hardy’s medical career is on the line when Jac Naylor issues an ultimatum… Warning: Contains spoilers!

Holby City’s Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel) crosses over to Casualty this week to issue the ED’s acting clinical lead, Ethan Hardy, with a shocking ultimatum – either anonymous blog Rage in Resus is shut down by the end of the day, or else Ethan will be collecting his P45.

This isn’t an empty threat from Jac, who pushes her way into Resus while Ethan’s treating a patient. The order comes from hospital CEO Serena Campbell, who’s had enough of an unknown Holby employee exposing serious concerns about the running of the ED.

Worried faces, as no one’s job is safe while Rage in Resus continues to attract attention

Ethan (George Rainsford) calls an urgent staff meeting and informs the ED medics that jobs are on the line, thanks to the Rage in Resus’ whistle-blower.

Afterwards, when Ethan asks his ex-girlfriend and most trusted colleague Alicia Munroe (Chelsea Halfpenny) if she’s behind the blog, she flatly denies it and makes feel Ethan ashamed for asking her.

Is the game up for Alicia or will one of her co-workers end up taking the fall?

With nowhere else to turn, Ethan puts all his efforts into working out who the blogger is by cross-referencing the care of previous patients who appear to be mentioned in the blog.

Alicia may think her secret is safe, but is it only a matter of time before she’s rumbled?

Showdown! Is someone about to be fired because of Rage in Resus?

We can reveal Ethan’s detection causes him to call Jac to his office to expose the identity of the blogger. This is followed by a tense showdown between Ethan, Alicia and Jac.

Will Ethan take the fall for Alicia, or will she come clean? Either way, it looks like someone is going to be fired for Rage in Resus…

Casualty continues this Saturday at 8.10pm.