“Shona’s in a horrible, horrible place”

Evelyn Hoskins discusses why heavily pregnant teenager Shona is desperate to get rid of her baby in Casualty

What state of mind is Shona in regarding her pregnancy?

“She’s trying to do everything she can to distract herself from her situation and distance herself from it, which is why she kept drinking and taking drugs.”

Where is she living?

“She’s fallen out with her sister and has ended up in a squat with two drug addicts. Shona’s in a horrible, horrible place and feels like she can’t go through with the pregnancy. So she ends up returning to the hospital and begging Charlie to help her get rid of the baby.”

What does Charlie tell her?

“Charlie explains he can’t help her as she’s too far along and the only route open to her is adoption through social services.”

How does Shona react to this information?

“Shona has had a tough life and her experiences of social services mean she doesn’t want to go down that route. She decides to take matters into her own hands and throws herself down the stairs. It doesn’t work and she ends up in hospital.”

Does Charlie know what’s happened?

“Yes. He’s really abrupt with her and tells her that he’ll perform the abortion. But when he gets out a massive syringe Shona thinks twice and realises she wants the baby. Charlie calls her bluff and makes her realise that she really does want to keep the baby.”

Do you enjoy working with Derek Thompson, who plays Charlie, and the rest of the cast?

“I love him. He’s taught me so much. I’ve learned everything I know from the cast. I can’t stress enough how helpful and lovely everyone one is. I feel so lucky that my first TV experience is with such lovely, open and giving people. I’m so appreciative of the opportunities it’s given me.”

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