Sunetra Sarker revealed just what it meant to Casualty to be nominated as Best Drama at the National TV Awards.

“It’s gorgeous that we got included alongside the likes of Broadchurch,” she said.

Sunetra told What’s on TV on the red carpet: “How lovely! I mean it’s so special for us in our 30th anniversary year to be recognised with the likes of Downton and Broadchurch… it just makes us feel, there’s a dignity about it, it’s lovely. We really want to thank everyone for watching the show and staying with it, you know. It’s old school, Casualty, isn’t it?”

The Best Drama nomination has really had an impact with the Casualty cast and crew, she said.

“It really makes a difference because we work in Cardiff 48 weeks a year, we’re not part of the London scene, we’re not always involved in the bigger glamourous events, so to be included in something like this for the reasons the jury has chosen, that it is a drama and it is something that people still want to watch… and if it is being thought of along the same lines as Broadchurch it shows that people really have to give a nod to us. It’s gorgeous that we got included.”

Watch the interview with Sunetra Sarker, above.

Downton Abbey won Best Drama at the NTAs on the night.